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Blue Castle overalls are a European brand of overall. With superior features and durability, Blue Castle overalls are making their mark in the New Zealand market.

Thermal overalls
Blue Castle prduce a number of thermal products in the form of thermal, or quilted overalls.



About us

Castle Clothing is a family owned business operating in Rolleston, Canterbury.

Managing Director Greg Knowles is a Marine Electronics Engineer. He discovered the Blue Castle, Fortress and Tough Stuff brands while working with the fishing and oil industries in Europe.
The overalls had simple, but very handy features he'd never had on overalls worn in New Zealand.
After four years of crawling through tanks in ship's hulls, climbing masts and travelling the world wearing Blue Castle overalls, they were still intact. Unlike his overalls he'd worn in New Zealand, the zips still worked, the seams held and the pockets didn't have holes.

Upon his return to New Zealand, Greg inquired about representing the brands in New Zealand and the business has grown since then.

In addition to distributing existing garments, Castle Clothing has designed and added their own garments to their range.
While the product brands are European, the garments are made in reputable and well established factories in China.

As the business grows and demand for more specialised garments increases, Castle Clothing hopes to establish their own manufacturing centre. The centre will only manufacture low volume, specialised garments, particularly where a demand for export would exist.